What size shoe do I need to order?


All sizes listed on our website are UK sizes unless stated otherwise. On the whole our shoes are true to size. However, as we use a range of different materials there is some variation. Please do get in touch if you are unsure as to which size to order.

Please carefully try shoes on a clean, carpeted area. All our shoes are made from high-quality materials and we cannot accept returns of products with any markings on the upper material or scuffed soles. 14 day return policy for generic products. Bespoke orders cannot be returned.

What material are Manor of London shoes made of?

The inner and outer layers, as well as the soles, are made of soft-but-durable genuine calf leather, which is particularly soft, with no fine grain. It's a natural product with high elasticity, flexibility, and resistance to wear and tear. We ensure that all our products have the highest quality, durability, and comfort. Our leather comes from some of the finest French tanneries.

How are Manor of London shoes made?

The Manor of London shoe collection benefits from the knowledge of experienced shoemakers and high-grade materials. Every pair of shoes is a marvel to behold thanks to the skill and passion of those responsible for making them. Each individual shoe may be worked on by up to 20 different people before it is finished. This is a complex process during which tasks are done by hand with using artisan-type skills. This carefully choreographed process and passion for detail means that each pair of Manor of London shoes is a story told by many voices.

All of our shoes are entirely handcrafted by our skilled cobblers in Spain, from cutting the unique patterns of the last you picked, to embossing the Manor of London logo into the lining of your choice, each pair of shoes is a thorough work of precision.

Once I place an order, is it too late to make changes and/or amend?

The handcrafting of your shoes begins the day after your order has been placed. If you wish to make changes, please get in touch with our team at info@manoroflondon.com within 24-hours of your order being placed.

We can make changes to your order as long as that specific change is still within our reach.

Which payment methods can I use?

We offer several payment options such as: Visa, Master Card, American Express and Paypal

Do you accept international credit cards?

Yes. Please note that the credit card must be issued and contain a logo from either Visa, Mastercard or American Express on it.

The billing address must also match the address registered to the bank card.

How do I customise my own pair of shoes or accessories?

The process is simple, when on our main page, click on words "Design Your Own” and this will take you to our 3D customiser tool. Or by clicking here;  http://www.manoroflondon.co.uk/design-your-own  You can start your design by selecting the model (preferred shoe shape/style). Then continue on by selecting your desired fabric and decoration.

Multiple parts of the shoes can be customised depending on the model and if you choose custom design in leather, suede, or canvas. You can mix and match between these including selecting the colours of choice.

When selecting a Patina finish, you can even choose the pattern and intensity of the patina. It is then applied to the entire shoe including the stitching. The patina effect is applied by hand by our cobblers and it is unique to every pair, to ensure an authentic and one-of-a kind look.

You will then choose your stitching and lace colours, and proceed with by selecting your sole type and colour. To complete your design, select your shoe size and width type. Here you also have the option to add extra rubber grip to your leather soles, a comfort insole, and ad engraving on the heel of the shoes (up to three initials)

Once you are done, add your custom designed item to your bag and proceed with check out. You also have the option to choose addition extras such as extra laces in different colours.

How do I care for my leather / patina shoes, belts and accessories?

Always take care of your loved ones. Exceptional quality shoes can last a lifetime, but only if they are properly cared for! 


First use a soft brush to remove any excess dirt from your shoes. After cleaning, gently wipe with a soft polishing brush. Remove the shoe laces and condition your shoes with a natural shoe wax to soften and moisturise the leather, until the entire shoe surface has been covered. After a few minutes, wipe off any remaining wax. Ideally, one should condition one’s shoes once a month, particularly if you are wearing the shoes regularly.


Apply polish to your shoes sparingly and in circular motions with a small brush or cloth. Pay particular attention to the areas around the toe and heel. Allow the leather to absorb the polish. Buff your shoes with a brush, and then follow with a cloth, using a sawing motion on the surface to give the shoes an extra gleam and shine.

Patina Care

Use a brush to gently clean any dirt. Use a cloth to remove any dust or surface dirt. Remove the shoe laces and apply clear wax over the whole shoe with a small brush to condition and soften the leather. After a few minutes, wipe off and give it that extra buff with a cloth to give your shoes a soft shine.

After Care

Straight from our expert cobblers, here is a little advice to make sure your investments stay in mint condition. Invest in a pair of shoe trees to absorb moisture and keep the shape of your shoes in the wardrobe. http://www.manoroflondon.co.uk/cedar-shoe--trees Always use a shoe horn when slipping into your soles to protect the heel. Exceptional quality leather shoes can last a lifetime, but only if they are properly cared for. And then, like a fine wine, they will only get better with age.

We also have Luxury shoe care kits available which have everything you need to keep your new shoes looking perfect! http://www.manoroflondon.co.uk/shoe-care.  When ordering custom products, in the final stages of your order, you can also choose to add specific aftercare products for your exact fabrics and materials 

Should I match my belt and shoes? 

Simply put, yes. You do want to try to match your shoes with your belt, watch strap, or any other accessories. Having said that, you don’t need to always have an exact match. So, if you have some brown leather boots, you should always consider matching with a tonally similar brown belt. If the outfit is more geared towards a casual look, you could try a dark brown belt which could look even better. And of course, for the very formal occasions for example when wearing classic black Oxfords, under no circumstances should you deviate from a black coloured leather belt. If you prefer, you could try a different texture, for example, an ostrich textured leather belt could be a way to have a little fun with more formal looks but still stay well within the style parameters.

Another great finishing touch is matching the stitching of your custom creation with your belt. For example, a sand suede chukka with brown stitching can look aesthetically pleasing with a chocolate brown belt.

We have fully customisable belts which can be made to match any pair of shoes you can design, so you never need to worry about not having the perfect belt or accessory to match! 

Can I customise bags, belts and luxury accessories?

Yes, anything in the design tool on our websites is fully customisable including shoes, duffle bags, saddle bags, satchel bags, backpacks, briefcases, shoulder bags, tote bags, doctor bags, travel bags, cigar cases, tech accessories (iphone, mac, android, ipad etc cases) as well as document holders. If you have any questions about customising a product, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@manoroflondon.com.

Can I design shoes, bags and luxury accessories in Exotic leathers? 

Yes, We do snake, alligator and ostrich skin and leather. All of which can be customised in a variety of colours and used to adorn our products. You can even use a combination of all three in one product if you wish. http://www.manoroflondon.co.uk/design-your-own

Do you make Golf shoes?

Yes, a large majority of our dress shoes can be fitted with golfing spikes to keep you looking your best on the green! These include our whole cut, loafer, Oxford, double monk, full brogue, derby and saddle styles of shoe. This can be done by first selecting the Golf Shoes Section in the design your own page http://www.manoroflondon.co.uk/design-your-own

Can I print my own design onto shoes?

Yes, we offer stencil art on many of our luxury accessories. The stencil art is an artisan painting technique carried out pair by pair in our facilities using the best leathers. Each piece cut is hand painted in special paints developed for this purpose by means of templates created by our team. You can choose from a wide variety of pre-uploaded designs or send us your own for a completely one of a kind design. This can be done using the Stencil Studio section in the design your own page http://www.manoroflondon.co.uk/design-your-own

Can I choose my own embroidery design?

Yes, We have a large range of pre designed embroideries ranging from motifs to numbers and initials. You can also choose to send us your own design which our experts can use to create your own unique design. http://www.manoroflondon.co.uk/design-your-own

Do you offer comfortable, flexible shoe styles?

Yes, we have Goodyear Flex Soles which offer more comfort and wearability sue to the flexibility in the sole.  Flex shoes are fully unlined and made with Italian flex sided for an unstructured glove-like feeling. Soft, supple breathable as well as flexible; all in all a very unique, high-grade suede leather. The most comfortable shoes we’ve ever made! You can choose these using the Design Your Own tool, then selecting “Goodyear Flex” Section, which take to you to your options http://www.manoroflondon.co.uk/design-your-own

Patent leather is also calf leather, but with high-gloss finishing.

Our suede leather is made from the underside of calfskin and is characterised by a napped, velvety texture. 

Hand-crafted from rich and exclusive French, English and Italian fabrics, including velvets, shirting fabrics, sartorial flannels and tweeds, suede, linens, cashmeres, wools, and raffia. Both whimsical embroideries and monograms are available to further personalise your slippers.


For any press enquiries please call +44 (0) 7515717828 or email info@manoroflondon.com


Manor of London is always looking to expand, collaborate and link with the right contacts. Should you have any form of professional interest in what we do, then we would be delighted to hear from you.