Bespoke Luxuries - A Personal Investment

Here at Manor of London we can personalise all kinds of bespoke luxuries, from Italian velvet slippers to calfskin driving moccasins, and all kinds of complimenting accessories. We can create bespoke monograms & add personal flair to our hand crafted products.

Our innovative bespoke online 3D tool is the best online customisation tool available worldwide! Customers using our new 3D app can create their own one-of-a-kind shoes, and tailor them to reflect a personal and unique style. Customer's taste and personality go into each signature shoe. They can make their design distinctive by choosing the details that best represent their look. Anything is possible: from bright coloured linings to specially selected embroidered motifs!

Almost every detail is customizable with our new 3D bespoke app: from the sewing thread colour to the leather soles, interior leather linings and initializing soles. And more design freedom we have made it possible for you to add personalized monograms and dozens or rich embroidery designs to any part of the shoes are soon going to enjoy.

The Manor of London shoe collection benefits from the knowledge of experienced shoemakers and high-grade materials. Every pair of shoes is a marvel to behold thanks to the skill and passion of those responsible for making them. Each individual shoe may be worked on by up to 20 different people before it is finished. This is a complex process during which tasks are done by hand with using artisan-type skills. This carefully choreographed process and passion for detail means that each pair of Manor of London shoes is a story told by many voices.

Rich velvet, silk and linen patterns along suede leather skins starts its journey in the Clicking Room, where the various sections are cut by hand, passes through the Prep Room, where the highly skilled hand-sewing process takes place and decorative ornaments/embroideries are added to uppers, and onto the Closing Room, where the various elements of the upper are brought together.

The process by which a pair of Manor of London shoes comes to life at our Spanish workshop is to see traditional craftsmanship and genuine skill in action. From the first step – the initial selection and quality checking of the calf skins and luxury sartorial patterns – through to completion of the final product, the quality of the raw materials and the fine attention to detail is always evident.

Hand-crafted from rich and exclusive French, English and Italian fabrics, including velvets, shirting fabrics, sartorial flannels and tweeds, suede, linens, cashmeres, wools, and raffia. Both whimsical embroideries and monograms are available to further personalise your slippers. Soles and linings are made of soft-but-durable calf leather. Design your own custom slippers with our bespoke 3D tool.